oung man is already to the level of the level of dance sand, supernatural repair is also quite put it, but at this time in front of Liu Sijian, he is transparent, because there is nothing to hide Liu Sijian, his body really Force fluctuations, Liu Sijian can be clearly felt. However, Liu Sijian the days of the strong break in the sand, in front. of this young man, but it is like CASP a pool of water in general, deep bottomless, do not see any false reality, and such a comparison, the two of the high and low Strong and weak, it is already self evident. Is obediently Liu Sijeng hurriedly Baoquan Zuo Yi is not stacked authentic, and he, in order CompTIA Certification to make themselves look more like an ordinary person s son, or bent down, pretend to do not carry the general. So and so as, is undoubtedly hiding the palace of the Santo of the door guardian s eyes. Nabing long knife has been moved from the neck of Liu Sijian above, was the dance of the youth to the hidden in the right ar. m, CASP it exam but also a figure fleeting, the youth is a leap in the

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP
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